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  • Jesus calls the fishermen from the sea to be his apostles. Etching by J. Wachsmuth after J.C. Tardieu and C.J. Vernet.
  • Scarborough Museum and Cliff Bridge, Scarborough, Yorkshire. Engraving by C.J. Smith.
  • Dinsdale Spa, Durham: people gathered at the riverside. Line engraving by S. Lacey, 1833, after T. Allom.
  • Bovril : those who go down to the sea in ships have perhaps more need for Bovril than any other class of men / [Bovril Limited].
  • Deaf and Dumb Asylum, Newport, Kentucky: view from the river. Coloured line engraving by Fenner Sears & Co., 1832, after G. Wall.
  • Singapore: evening view of the Johore River. Watercolour by J. Taylor, 1879.
  • Harbour view of St. Vincent's rock taken from the hot wells, Bristol. Line engraving, 1776.
  • Grace Darling rowing out to sea in a furious storm. Colour wood engraving by E. Evans after C.J. Staniland.
  • The baths and mineral springs, Ems, West Germany. Line engraving by J. Willis after W. Tombleson.
  • The Baths, Gravesend, Kent: public beach. Line engraving by H. Adlard, 1828, after G. Shepherd.
  • Malta: Royal Naval Hospital or Bighi Hospital, with sailors dancing on the shore. Coloured pen and ink drawing by J. Parker, 1843, after C.F. de Brocktorff, ca. 1819 (?).
  • Macao Island: Macao Inner Harbour and adjacent Barra Fort, from the Island of Patera. Photograph by W.P. Floyd, ca. 1873.
  • Macao Island: panoramic view across the inner harbour from Macao City. Photograph by W.P. Floyd, ca. 1873.
  • Fair Mount Water Works, Philadelphia: with Upper Ferry Bridge. Coloured engraving by Ferrer Sears & Co., 1830, C. Burton.
  • Southport, Lancashire: sheet of sketches showing various sights. Wood engraving, 1872.
  • Canton, China: Canton City from the river with boats and junks in the foreground. Photograph by W.P. Floyd, ca. 1873.
  • Malta: view of Grand Harbour and buildings along Barriera wharf towards Fort Lascaris and Upper Barrakka. Photograph by H. Agius, c. 1881.
  • Malaya: steam yacht of the governor of the Straits Settlement on a Malaysian river. Photograph by J. Taylor, 1880.
  • Canton, China: boats off the coast of Canton City, looking south to Honam island. Photograph by W.P. Floyd, ca. 1873.
  • Christ and the apostles in the storm on the sea of Galilee. Etching by J. Fittler after Rembrandt.
  • Margate Pier, Margate, Kent, England: ships and boats in the harbour. Steel engraving by J. Newman.
  • Ornamented borders of Tartary oak (Quercus McCormickii), anchors and a polar bear round circular images of the Antarctic Ocean with penguin and boat. Pencil drawing by E. Wilson?, c.1844.
  • Krishna steering a peacock-headed boat carrying five women. Watercolour drawing.
  • Two men at sea in a fishing boat: one leans over the side, feeling seasick. Reproduction of a nineteenth century engraving.
  • Bellevue Hospital Medical College, New York City. Wood engraving.
  • Lime tree (Tilia sp.) in open landscape at Waterstock, Oxfordshire. Soft-ground etching by W. Delamotte, 1805.
  • The landing of the wounded at Yarmouth. Reproduction of a painting.
  • The fugitive holy family board a barge. Aquatint with etching after C. Ferri.
  • Singapore: sunset over the harbour. Watercolour by J. Taylor, 1879.
  • Peter walks on water towards Christ. Etching.