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  • An academy in which men discuss the branches of study required in the education of artists: the antique, anatomy, perspective and geometry Engraving by N. Dorigny, 1728, after Carlo Maratta.
  • A seated man attending a life class draws from the model; a nude male model is seated to the left. Pencil drawing.
  • A life class in Rome with a model posed as a crucified man with an écorché figure to the left. Drawing by A. Bianchini, 1902.
  • The life school at the Royal Academy of Arts, London, with William Hunter, left, teaching anatomy. Drawing attributed to Elias Martin, ca. 1770.
  • The Académie des Sciences et des Beaux Arts, Paris: showing a variety of subjects studied there. Line engraving by G. Herth after G. Stein.
  • Leeds New Mechanics' Institution and School of Art, Leeds, Yorkshire. Wood engraving by W.E. Hodgkin, 1867, after C. Brodrick.