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  • A Flemish man sits holding a large glass of wine, behind another man lights his pipe. Mezzotint, 179-, after D. Teniers II.
  • A pretty barmaid mixing a drink in a glass. Coloured lithograph, c. 1825.
  • A busy street corner with traders stopping for a tankard of beer and an artist painting a pub sign. Engraving, c. 1751, after W. Hogarth.
  • A gouty man drinking wine and playing the cello; the pain is represented by a devil burning his knee. Etching, 1785, after H.W. Bunbury.
  • King George IV having his gouty foot massaged by his mistress Marchioness of Hertford while his wife Queen Caroline listens in the doorway. Coloured etching, ca. 1820.
  • A man drinking himself to death; represented by a skeletal death figure above him and bottles scattered all around. Coloured etching by T. Rowlandson, 1811.
  • A gathering at the ceremonial drinking of kava and obeisance to the king in Tongatapu, Tonga. Engraving by W. Sharp, 1784, after J. Webber.
  • Chinese men and women join British army staff in an evening feast. Lithograph, ca. 1840/1850.
  • A woman suffering the pain of colic; illustrated by demons tugging on a rope wound around her stomach. Coloured etching after G. Cruikshank after Captain F. Marryat.
  • A fat parson with large glass of port in hand is watched by a thin, naked man representing care (worry), and tells him to be gone. Coloured etching after G. Woodward, 1796.
  • A man with gout seated at a table drinking with a parson and a woman. Coloured etching.
  • A French hospital for wounded soldiers, World War I: two nurses have lunch at a patisserie, the others have a drunken meal at the hospital. Colour lithograph after L. Ibels, 1916.
  • Boer War: thirsty ambulance men queuing up at a beer tent. Process print by Swain after F. Dadd after A. Lindsay Twite.
  • An obliging barmaid drawing beer. Coloured lithograph, ca. 1833.
  • A man sits at a table with playing cards and drink in hand, his wife threatens him as his playing partner makes his departure. Engraving by F. Basan after Dumesnil, junior.
  • A drunken party with men smoking, sleeping and falling to the floor. Engraving by W. Hogarth, 1731, after himself.
  • An innkeeper adds water to his wine as his customer, a baker, kisses the landlady. Engraving by J. Lagniet, ca. 1663.
  • Canary Islanders circling a fountain tree (Spathodea campanulata) and filling their urns with the water it secretes. Wood-engraving, ca. 1748.
  • A poor London street strewn with hopeless drunkards and lined with gin shops and a flourishing pawnbroker. Engraving, c. 1751, after W. Hogarth.
  • An open tavern with large archway with drinks being brought to a table of diners and a lady alighting from her phaeton. Coloured aquatint, c. 1800.
  • A young employee is tempted by a drink offered by his fellow workers. Lithograph, c. 1840, after T. Wilson.
  • A fat man sits at his fireside taking snuff with a smoking pipe and drink by his side. Coloured etching by G. Cruikshank, c. 1822, after J. Gillray.
  • Three men (sailors?) sit at a table smoking pipes and drinking. Lithograph, early 19th century.
  • An obliging barmaid drawing beer. Coloured lithograph, ca. 1833.
  • An intoxicated man drinking beer; advertising Blauwe Week against alcohol. Lithograph (?), 1936, after A. van Dobbenburgh, 1935.
  • A drunken party with men smoking, sleeping and falling to the floor. Engraving after W. Hogarth.
  • For patients with pain Paramol-118 : alcohol and the British.
  • African people brewing pombe beside a pile of sorghum grain. Wood engraving by J. B. Zwecker.
  • A drunken young man raises a glass in one hand and spills wine from a flask in the other. Coloured etching by R.F. Brichet, 1784, after J. F. de Göz.
  • An innkeeper composed of wine bottles and grapes. Engraving, c. 1660 (?).