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  • AIDS education poster from Thailand
  • AIDS prevention advertisement by the AIDS Delegationen.
  • AIDS prevention advert for safe sex
  • A tick list of ways you can and can't get the AIDS virus from handshakes to sharing drug needles with details of the AIDS Hotline number in Oahu in Ilocano. Colour lithograph.
  • Advert for the 13th International AIDS conference
  • A condom packet next to a pair of sun glasses and a book on a towel with a message about the importance of taking maximum [sexual] protection to prevent the spread of HIV and AIDS; advertisment for the SIDA Info Service by the Ministère de la Santé Publique et de l'Assurance Maladie.
  • the difficulties of recognising someone who has AIDS
  • Advert for a meeting in Berlin about HIV and homeopathy
  • Women's Rights to commemorate World AIDS Day in Honduras
  • A condom with gay men and women lounging around an inner-city swimming pool with three smaller illustrations of other inner-city meeting venues for gay people; advertisement for safe sex and condoms by the AIDS Committee of Toronto. Colour lithograph by Maurice Vellekoop, 1992.
  • A green condom - advert for Mairie de Paris
  • AIDS prevention advertisement by Amref
  • Verso of poster showing a woman who is HIV-positive faces the prospect of living with the condition. Colour lithograph after R. Westerwelle, 1994.
  • Recto: A framed photograph of a gay couple next to a condom and a bottle of lubricant on a table with a book, a vase of roses and a lamp representing a safe sex advertisement for gay men by the Victorian AIDS council; verso: the backs of two naked men with their arms around each other, one holding a condom, the other with his fingers crossed with instructions on what to do when having sex with or without condoms. Colour lithograph by Opsis Design and Freak me Freak me Productions, 1994.
  • The side profile of the face of Gladys, a black woman with red lips with speech bubbles containing a conversation with Steve about the use of condoms; advertisement for safe sex by the N.I.A.D. (Nederlands Instituut voor Alcohol en Drugs). Colour lithograph by Laren, Tadberg Design.
  • AIDS awareness advert by the Government Information Services
  • Advertisement to prevent AIDS from Vietnam
  • Sterilisation of needles and syringes to prevent AIDS
  • An advertisement for Durex condoms by the Mauritius Family Planning Association. Lithograph, ca. 1996.
  • A condom hiding the word 'come' representing an advertisment for the Maryland State AIDS hotline by HERO. Colour lithograph by Christopher Hayes, 1991.
  • Various insects, serpents and multi-legged animals below a row of leaves with flowers; an image from a graphic Illustration competition by Etchepareborda François by the Groupe SIDA Genève. Colour lithograph.
  • Event organised by Kursiv, Centre for AIDS
  • A girl holding a teddy, a hand on the shoulder of another girl, a boy being tested with a stethoscope and a mother holding a child; advertisement for the 5th annual national Pediatric AIDS conference, September 6-8, 1989, Los Angeles, California. Colour lithograph by T. J. B., 1989.
  • advertisment by Deutsche AIDS-Hilfe
  • Public AIDS Symposium in Berlin on 28 November 1992
  • A man and woman being embraced by a personified yellow condom representing an advertisement for the AIDS Awareness Programme by the Pache Trust in Madurai, India. Colour lithograph, ca. 1996.
  • AIDS reverse transcriptase, mol. model
  • AIDS prevention advertisement for safe sex
  • Eyes of two Chinese people
  • A woman with long hair representing an advertisement for safe sex; created by Alberta Advertising Agencies Association as part of an advertisement AIDS/HIV Prevention campaign Lithograph by Greg Gerla/West 11th Photography.