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347 results filtered with: Portrait drawings
  • Giuseppe Giacinto Moris. Pencil drawing by C. E. Liverati, 1841.
  • Professors at the Medical Faculty, University of Louvain: seven caricatures. Drawing (?) by G. Parsy, ca. 1900 (?).
  • George Star. Pastel by W. Langdon Kihn.
  • Henry Solomon Wellcome. Pen drawing by F. Reynolds.
  • A man designated as Giovanni Giacomo Vianelli. Chalk drawing.
  • A nun holding a medicine spoon with her hospital behind her. Watercolour drawing.
  • A dwarf, or perhaps a child begging. Gouache drawing.
  • Barthélemy Lapommeraye. Pencil drawing by C. E. Liverati, 1841.
  • Charles Lucien Jules Laurent Bonaparte, Prince de Canino. Pencil drawing by C. E. Liverati, 1841.
  • Ellen Julia Hollond. Coloured drawing, 1841.
  • Francesco Puccinotti. Pencil drawing by C. E. Liverati, 1841.
  • Profile of a benign looking woman exemplifying Lavater's principle of the homogeneity of the face. Drawing, c. 1791.
  • Noch Slak, wife of Captain Jack of Kisbyyoks (Kispiox), British Columbia. Pastel by W. Langdon Kihn, 1924.
  • A man, head and shoulders, designated as Lucas van Leyden. Pen and ink drawing after Albrecht Dürer.
  • Giacomo Antonio Domenico Tommasini. Pencil drawing by C. E. Liverati, 1841.
  • Hugh Downman. Drawing in coloured chalks attributed to J. Downman, 1794.
  • Edward Jenner (?), in profile. Pencil and wash, 1800/1820.
  • A man whose face expresses, according to Lavater, a great capacity for discernment. Drawing, c. 1794.
  • Jean-Baptiste-Armand-Louis-Léonce Elie de Beaumont. Pen drawing.
  • Two lovers surrounded by an oval frame. Watercolour drawing.
  • Desiderius Erasmus: portrait in profile. Drawing, c. 1795, after H. Holbein.
  • Bad Marriage or Pax Konita (Paxkomita), a Blackfeet of Montana. Pastel by W. Langdon Kihn.
  • Mercier, an architect. Drawing, c. 1793, after J. Morin.
  • Jacob Powell, weighing nearly forty stone. Pen and ink drawing.
  • Old Parr, an elderly apothecary with an extremely long beard mixing a concoction with a pestle and mortar. Pen drawing by Matthews(?), 1861(?).
  • Louis Pasteur. Pen drawing, 1895.
  • John Dalton. Pen drawing with watercolour wash.
  • Lucas Vorsterman, the engraver: portrait. Drawing, c. 1791, after A. van Dyck.
  • Petrus Camper. Mixed media by P. Camper and C.E. Daniels after J. Tischbein.
  • Johann Valerius, a man born without arms, holding playing cards in his toes. Pencil drawing.