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  • [Handbill advertising The Edmonton twins: conjoined twins on exhibition at the Adelaide Gallery in the Lowther Arcade, London. The twins were born on 30 January 1855].
  • The celebrated Mrs. Weston, six inches shorter than any woman travelling ... : also the Liliputian Dwarf, thirty years of age, and only thrity-two inches high ...
  • [Leaflet advertising appearances by "Two children united from the umbilical chord to the top of the breast bone", born January 1833 and being exhibited at The Rotunda, Blackfriars Road, London].
  • [Undated, illustrated (cutting? leaflet?) about bearded Annie Jones-Elliot, "The Esau Lady"].
  • Northern expedition : just arrived from Baffin's Bay, to be seen, at no. 183 Piccadilly (opposite Burlington House,) the only two esquimaux indians, (male and female), brought to England from the frozen regions of the North ...
  • A breast pump manufactured by H. Wright. Wood engraving and letterpress, 18--.
  • [Leaflet advertising the "midgets' return to London":  General Mite, his father, E.F. Flynn and Miss Millie Edwards at the Imperial Theatre, adjoining the Royal Aquarium, London (1882?). It has a cartoon of General Mite being arrested by two policemen].
  • [Undated, illustrated handbill (February 1867?) advertising an appearance at Westminster Hall by Robert Tipney, Mr. Chipperfield's Living Skeleton, 26 years old and weighing 49 pounds. ].
  • [Undated handbill advertising George Conquest as 'Harlequin, the Yellow Dwarf', a grand Christmas pantomime at Alexandra Palace, London].
  • [Leaflet advertising appearances by Senorita Anita (The Tiger Lady) and her brother, Robinson (The Bear Boy) at the Royal Aquarium, London (20 February 1886?)].
  • How to get help after air raid damage.
  • Anatomie vivante, or, the Living Skeleton.
  • [Leaflet advertising an appearance by James Paine, the Infant Hercules at St. James's Hall, Piccadilly with the British Tom Thumb, "the smallest man in the world"].
  • General Tom Thumb : the celebrated American dwarf : exhibiting every day and evening, Egyptian Hall, Piccadilly.
  • [Leaflet advertising appearances by Miss Honeywell, an American lady born without hands, at 32 Piccadilly, London (1811?)].
  • [Illustrated leaflet advertising appearances by "Siamese youths, united brothers", Chang and Eng, at 15 Poultry, London in their 19th year].
  • [Leaflet advertising appearances by Herr Winkelmeier and M. Brunin (French comedian) at the London Pavilion in March 1887].
  • Just arrived from Bullock's Museum, the greatest novelty in Hull : to be seen, at no. 13 Queen-Street, the only two esquimaux indians, ever brought to this kingdom : mal;e and female, from the frozen regions of the North ...
  • This is to acquaint the nobility, gentry and the curious in general : to be seen ... during the time of the fair, the surprising Italian Dwarf, two feet six inches high, 25 years of age, born without arms, legs, or thighs. Yet has feet and hands.
  • [Leaflet advertising appearances by The Lancashire Prodigy, a male child with 2 bodies and 1 head at the Egyptian Hall, Piccadilly, London. Born 27 May 1837].
  • [Leaflet detailing the "Life and history of the great Irish Giant, Patrick O'Brien, his mammoth bride, Christianna, the great German Giantess and their infant son" at Barnard's Amphitheatre, Portsmouth, 31 January 1887].
  • [Leaflet advertising appearances by Herr Unthan, "the man without arms" at the Canterbury Theatre of Varieties, Westminster Bridge Road, London, 25 January 1886. Printed on yellow paper].
  • Mr. C. French Anga's New Zealand and Australian exhibition ... : comprising upwards of 300 full-length portraits, from life, of the prinicipal New Zealand Chiefs, with their wives and children.
  • [Undated handbill (November 1889?) advertising an exhibition of Elizabeth Lyska, a Russian giantess over 7 feet tall, at the South London Palace].
  • New species of man ...  : now exhibiting at Mr. Laxton's Rooms, no.23, New Bond Street : this young man is 30 years of age, covered with scales, with the exception of the face, soles of the feet, and palms of the hand, which are like those of any other man.
  • [Folded leaflet (turquoise paper - copies on purple paper exist) advertising appearances of 'The Pygopagi Twins', Josepha and Rosalie Blazek, conjoined twins, in some sort of performance at the Egyptian Hall, Piccadilly, London, in late 1880. The "Bohemian" twins were under the patronage of the Empress of Austria and Queen of Hungary, Crown Prince Rudolf of Austria and other distinguished personages. The twins both died at the age of 45. ].
  • [Leaflet advertising appearances by Frank Uffner's American Midgets: Lucia Zarate and General Mite at the Piccadilly Hall, London, 22 November 1880. Printed on white paper].
  • [Undated handbill (August 1880?) advertising appearances at the Royal Aquarium, London by Chang, the vast Mongolian, accompanied by Henrik Brustad, the huge Norwegian, the Chinese Tom Thumb, the midget Adonis, the Anakites (giants) and midgets. Printed on off-white paper].
  • British seamen for British ships : the increase of the foreign element in our mercantile marine & the gradual elimination of the British sailor is becoming a grave national danger / The Marine Society.
  • Mr. Bernard Cavanagh, the Fasting Man ... will receive company at his rooms, 263, Strand ...  : His first long fast commenced at the death of his mother, which took place nearly six years ago, since that period he has not tasted any food whatever ...