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  • Sir John Tweedy, Professor of Opthalmic Medicine and Surgery at University College
  • Ge Guoluo (Ge Lolo) family carrying loads. The woman holds a spindle in her hand to indicate that the tribe uses the fibres of the ge plant for spinning, from .
  • Pozi (Poren) looking civilized.
  • Bulong Miao. A musical scene of the Bulong Miao tribe who belong to the Buyi ethnic group. Two women are dancing while two men play the mouth-organ (sheng) and two others beat a brass drum.
  • Portrait of Johannes Dryander
  • View of dissected brain: figura tertia
  • Lama. Two monks of the Lama tribe selling beads.
  • Chinese manuscript Yun-nan ying chih Miao-Man t'u ts'e.
  • A patient of the Friern Hospital with amputated legs
  • Portrait of F. E. Weiss, professor of botany. Palaeobotany and biology of plants.
  • Hei Miao, Three fierce fighting men from the Hei Miao (Black Miao) tribe being appeased by three women.
  • Chinese manuscript Yun-nan ying chih Miao-Man t'u t'se.
  • Annie Eastland in the Amy Louise Cott,
  • Niels Ryberg Finsen, founder of modern phototherapy
  • F. Nightingale and Sir H. Verney; Claydon House
  • Hei Guoluo (Black Lolo) family, possibly on their way to market.
  • Annie Eastland and her sisters.
  • Portrait of Anton Meichselbaum
  • Bai Sharen couple on a hunting and fishing trip.
  • Portrait of Arthur Whitfield
  • Hong Miao. A woman and a boy, from the Hong Miao (Red Miao) tribe, carrying food while two men are probably on their way to the fields
  • Hei Miao. Four men of the Hei Miao (Black Miao) tribe playing the mouth-organ.
  • Map of Huoqing zhou, in Lijiang Prefecture, Yunnan Provonce. The Poyi live in the Huoqing area. The pictorial map shows the walled city in the centre. The places in the surroundings are tagged by their Chinese names.
  • Qilao. Three men from the Qilao ethnic group drinking
  • Nuzi hunting with bow and arrow
  • Madeng longjia Maio. Two women and one man with a child, of the Madeng ('Stirr-up') Miao tribe, on their way to the fields. The woman's hairdress accounts for the name of 'Stirr-up Miao'
  • Poyi (Poren) working in the field
  • Poren. Two men and a woman praying at a Buddhist shrine
  • The Hospital for Sick Children, Great Ormond Street
  • Chinese manuscript Yun-nan ying chih Miao-Man t'u ts'e.