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15 results filtered with: Tempesta, Antonio, 1555-1630
  • Peasants doing farmwork, thatching their huts and preparing food; representing the Silver Age. Etching by A. Tempesta.
  • Martyrdom of Saint Severa. Etching by A. Tempesta, 15--.
  • Alcmene giving birth to Hercules: Juno, jealous of the child, attempts to delay the birth. Engraving by A. Tempesta, 1606.
  • Martyrdom of Saint Restituta. Etching by A. Tempesta, 15--.
  • Saint Cyrilla: her martyrdom. Etching by A. Tempesta.
  • A bull fight with mounted riders and a grotesque machine on wheels emitting smoke in the background. Red chalk drawing after Antonio Tempesta.
  • The crusaders attack Jerusalem: Godfrey is wounded; an angel brings a medicinal herb to accomplish what the surgeon cannot. Etching by Antonio Tempesta, 16--.
  • Ceres on a chariot with children representing the months March, April and May, surrounded by forms of natural abundance, corybantes and cherubs, symbolising the element earth. Etching by A. Tempesta, 1592.
  • A tumultuous hunting scene in which a stag is hunted into the river and speared, and a wild boar is shot while trying to escape from the hounds. Etching by A. Tempesta.
  • A duel on horseback between Alvar Sánchez and Gonzalo Gomez, watched by Doña Lambra: Alvar Sánchez is killed. Etching by A. Tempesta after O. Vaenius.
  • A battle between Romans and the Germans at Trier: the Germans are returning on a bridge over the river Moselle after having attacked the camp of the Romans, when the Romans counterattack. Etching by A. Tempesta after O. van Veen, 1612.
  • The martyrdom of Saint Constance (Costantia, Costanza). Drawing by or after A. Tempesta.
  • The seven sons of Lara take vengeance on Doña Lambra's servant for insulting Gonzalo Gomez: they kill the servant in front of Doña Lambra and smear her cloak in his blood. Etching by A. Tempesta after O. Vaenius.
  • The Eucharist venerated by Saint Bonaventure and Saint Anthony of Padua; surrounded by related symbols, texts and doctrines. Etching by F. Villamena, 1598, after Antonio Tempesta.
  • Saint Felicula tied to a pole and burnt, and later being drowned. Etching by A. Tempesta, 15--.