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  • X-ray of tilted pelvis of a dog.
  • Perineal rupture repair - operation on dog
  • Radiograph: hand in glove in primary beam.
  • Preparing for the neutering operation, dog
  • Horse with a sarcoid: post-freezing oedema
  • Injecting newborn lamb with glucose
  • Cavitation in brain of swayback lamb
  • No specimen record. Waiting for info.
  • A fibroma between hind claws of a sheep
  • A sheep with a corkscrew claw (outside claw).
  • A cestode from a Python, probably <I>Bothridium pythonis</I>.
  • Tortoise: osteomyelitis of the tibia
  • Lymphoid nodules in lung due to lungworm
  • Tortoise: swelling on neck due to abscess
  • Bridle restraint made more severe - gag
  • Sarcoid: immediately after freezing
  • Yearling with myodegeneration muscles
  • Posterior view of horse: tuber sacrale
  • Horse's stable: poor wooden plank partition
  • Horse's head: double-ring twitch with loop
  • Unsuitable lead rope for a horse
  • A horse's wolf tooth.
  • Tortoise: stomatitis - fungal infection
  • An orchidometer (ram's testicular weight)
  • Holding an Iguana correctly
  • Milking machine: checking belt tension
  • Cat - rodent ulcer two days after freezing
  • X-ray: a dog's hip joints - severe dysplasia
  • Diagram: caudal view of the perineal region
  • Oestrus detection: dribbled on cow