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7 results filtered with: George IV, King of Great Britain, 1762-1830
  • Pluto in a chariot snatches Proserpine away from her companions. Mezzotint by J.G. Huck, 1804, after J. Amigoni.
  • Christ raising Lazarus. Engraving by G. Vendramini, 1828, after Sebastiano del Piombo.
  • Martha Gunn, a Brighton bather holding a small child that she has just saved from drowning. Coloured engraving by W. Nutter, 1797, after J. Russell.
  • Mars [Ares] and Venus [Aphrodite]. Engraving by D. Marchetti after G. Tognoli after A. Canova.
  • Princess Charlotte Augusta. Stipple engraving by J.S. Agar after C. Jones, 1814.
  • Sir Astley Paston Cooper. Mezzotint by S. Cousins, 1830, after Sir T. Lawrence.
  • William of Orange, and Mary, his English wife are presented with the English crown by the Marquis of Halifax. Line engraving by J. Parker after J. Northcote, 1790.