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  • A London linen-draper's assistant reveals his true identity: he is not "Horatio Sparkins", an aristocratic man about town, but Mr Smith, an assistant in a down-market shop. Etching by George Cruikshank, 1839.
  • The election of a parish beadle in England: crowds thronging the entrance to the polling station, including supporters of the rival candidates, Spruggins and Bung, who expect to be elected according to the large number of their dependents. Etching by George Cruikshank, 1836.
  • A girl and her grandfather sit at the top of a hill which looks back over St Paul's cathedral. Lithograph by J. Barnard.
  • Oliver Twist, holding a bowl and a spoon, asks for more food, while other children and a woman look surprised. Etching by George Cruikshank.
  • A noisy tenant and three of his friends, having stayed up singing until the early hours of the morning, go to the house of an elderly neighbour and disturb his sleep to ask him for glass of water and the loan of a shilling for a cab. Etching by George Cruikshank, 1839.