Digital safeguarding at Wellcome Collection

Why we care about digital safeguarding

Wellcome Collection aims to create a safe online space for all participants. We will not tolerate offensive language, cyber bullying, acts of discrimination or any unsafe online behaviour. This statement on digital safeguarding should be read alongside Wellcome Collection’s Safeguarding Policy.

Our goal is to inspire and support everyone connected with Wellcome Collection to create and maintain a culture that is inclusive and diverse. Our Access, Diversity and Inclusion Strategy explains our ambitions and intentions. All potential participants’ needs should be carefully considered and planned for.

We believe that:

  • all children, young people and at-risk adults have the right to access our services and feel confident that they are engaging with a safe space online. They have a right to be free from harm, and to speak out and seek help if required
  • safeguarding is everyone’s responsibility and we must collectively stay vigilant and immediately respond to potentially harmful situations.

What you can expect of Wellcome Collection in digital experiences

We will seek to keep participants safe by:

  • providing clear and specific directions to staff, audience, young people, at-risk adults and their parents or carers, on how to behave online through this document
  • providing supervision, support and training for staff and young people about online safety
  • supporting and encouraging children, young people and at-risk adults to use our services on the internet, social media and mobile phones in a way that keeps them safe and shows respect for others
  • supporting and encouraging parents and carers to keep their children safe online by seeking their consent for their children to engage with our online activity before projects start
  • using online safety agreements with young people, at-risk adults and their parents and carers where appropriate
  • developing clear and robust procedures to help us respond appropriately to any incidents of inappropriate online behaviour, whether by an adult, child, young person or at-risk adult
  • reviewing and updating the security of our information systems regularly
  • ensuring that user names, logins, email accounts and passwords are used effectively
  • ensuring personal information about the participants who are involved in our organisation is held securely and shared only as appropriate.

What we ask of our digital audiences

When engaging with Wellcome Collection, online, I will:

  • communicate respectfully with other participants and speakers/performers, and not use inappropriate, defamatory, abusive, obscene, racist, ableist, discriminatory, or otherwise inflammatory remarks. In digital events Wellcome will monitor the event chat and we reserve the right to refuse entry or to eject participants
  • be responsible for my behaviour when using the internet, including social media platforms, games and apps, including the resources I access and the way I talk and write
  • be respectful and appropriate in the clothing I wear if I can be seen on screen by my peers, Wellcome Collection staff or a wider audience (e.g. by avoiding revealing clothing or garments with inappropriate wording or mottos)
  • be aware of the setting I am in and change my background or switch off my camera if personal items are on display
  • turn off (mute) microphones when not speaking so that the meeting, session or event can run without too much extra noise and inform Wellcome Collection staff if I am switching off my camera so they can make sure the group still knows I am there
  • not deliberately browse, download or upload material that could be considered offensive or illegal and, if I accidentally come across any such material, I will report it immediately to a Wellcome Collection staff member
  • not send anyone material that could be considered threatening, bullying, offensive or illegal
  • not give out any personal information online (mine or that of others), such as full name, phone number or address
  • not upload photos online (e.g. of others taking part, Wellcome Collection supervisors) 
  • not reveal my passwords to anyone
  • not arrange a face-to-face meeting with anyone I meet online unless I have discussed this with my parents, carers and/or Wellcome Collection supervisor.

Next steps

We moderate all live, online events with care and consideration for everyone involved. If any of the conduct points above occur, we will warn and challenge this activity. A lack of appropriate response to these warnings will result in removal from events.

We will follow up with all individuals involved to ensure well-being is explored and assured as much as possible.

We will record and report such incidents and add them to our risk register for quarterly review. If further action is required, our Safeguarding Lead will report safeguarding incidents to our local authority, and to the police if any immediate danger is detected.

We work with young people and other audience groups to help us co-produce events and online activity. Robust permission documentation and working agreements will have been shared with participants by Wellcome Collection staff running this activity. Any queries around this work should be sent to these staff members.

If you have any concerns about your experiences, or questions about our digital safeguarding processes please contact Wellcome Collection on:

T: +44 (0)20 7611 2222
E: info@wellcomecollection.org