The Cult of Beauty
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Our major new exhibition explores notions of beauty across time and cultures.

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This exhibition has 17 stops.

1. Introduction to access resources
2. Curator Janice Li introduces ‘The Cult of Beauty’ exhibition
3. Historian Jennifer M. Rampling on the Ripley Scroll
4. Professor Caroline Vout on the Esquiline Venus and Sleeping Hermaphroditus
5. Writer Emma Dabiri discusses ‘The Game of Goose’
6. Writer Emma Dabiri on ‘Racialised whiteness’
7. Curator Janice Li on An Algorithmic Gaze II by Cecilie Waagner Falkenstrøm and the ARTificial Mind studio
8. Writer Emma Dabiri on the ‘Hairstyles’ series by photographer J.D. ‘Okhai Ojeikere
9. Artist Xu Yang on her painting ‘Perhaps We are all Fictions in the Eye of the Beholder’
10. Artist Kimberley Burrows and cosmetic scientist Gabriela Daniels discuss accessibility and beauty
11. Curator Janice Li introduces the Beauty Sensorium
12. Artist Eszter Magyar (Makeupbrutalism) on her commission 'It makes no sense to be beautiful if no one is ugly'
13. Artist Shirin Fathi on her work The Disobedient Nose
14. Curator E-J Scott on the Museum of Transology
15. Curator Janice Li introduces the film ‘Permissible Beauty’
16. Curator Janice Li introduces the sculpture ‘(Almost) all of my dead mother’s beautiful things’ by the artist Narcissister
17. Curator Janice Li introduces the installation ‘Mirror, mirror on the wall, Beauty unravelled in the virtual scroll’ by Xcessive Aesthetics