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Photograph of a dark exhibition gallery space showing 4 separate large free-standing walls on which photographic prints of large forest scenes are displayed, filling the entire walls. The prints show tall tree trunks, green leaf canopy cover and ground level ferns. To the left of the gallery view is a circular padded green seat which wraps around a vertical iron girder. Sitting cross legged on the seat is a woman with long black hair, a white blouse and yellow leggings. She has an orange shawl around her neck and is wearing a black face covering. She is spotlit from a light almost directly above her. In the distance are two more visitors with their backs to the camera, standing looking at one of the forest scenes. To their right is a small green padded stool.
Tranquillity exhibition, Artwork: Chrystel Lebas. Gallery Photo: Steven Pocock. Source: Wellcome Collection. Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International (CC BY-NC 4.0).

An uplifting double header — we could have spent an hour in that forest.


Take a deeper look at feelings of peace and balance.

Tranquillity brings peace and balance, helping you to reconnect with yourself and your surroundings. There may be a wonderful simplicity to experiencing such calm feelings, but they are complex and difficult to attain.

This exhibition offers new commissions that take a deeper look, such as Jasleen Kaur’s playful critique of the wellness industry and Chrystel Lebas’s sublime multisensory tribute to forests and how they affect our health.

Historical artefacts, from a régime du corps medieval wellbeing manual to the notebooks that Octavia E Butler used as self-encouragement, show you some of the different ways that individuals pursue moments of tranquillity. 

  • A complete set of gallery captions is available to read online. Large-print captions are also available in the gallery.
  • Our digital gallery guide for ‘Joy’ and ‘Tranquillity’ features 24 perspectives from medicine, science, religion and poetry, and audio descriptions of some artworks. It is available as audio, BSL and complete transcripts. Handsets are also available in the gallery, but we encourage you to bring your own device and headphones.
  • A family guide for people with children aged 3–11 is available in the gallery.