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Photograph of 3 exhibition visitors looking at a large terracotta artwork in the a larger exhibition space. The artwork is made up of a large bowl, supported on 3 sides by truncated terracotta torsos, one of which is holding its right breast. The visitors are leaning over, peering into the bowl. Behind them are framed works on hung on the wall.
New Mourning II, 2023, Clementine Keith-Roach. Reproduced with permission of the artist and Ben Hunter, London. Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International (CC BY-NC 4.0).

A fascinating deep dive into the white stuff ★★★★

Evening Standard

‘Milk’ explores our relationship with milk and its place in politics, society and culture. It considers how milk has come to be seen as so central to perceptions of nutrition and “good health” in the UK. The choices we make about milk are personal. But it is also a highly politicised liquid that has been used to exert power as well as provide care.

The exhibition brings together over 100 objects, including items used  in farming and infant feeding, historical advertising, public health posters, and contemporary artworks.

‘Milk’ includes new artistic commissions by Danielle Dean, Jess Dobkin and Ilana Harris-Babou, as well as a new documentary by Leo Hallam Dawson on UK dairy farming and a 2023 iteration of Melanie Jackson and Esther Leslie’s project ‘Deeper in the Pyramid’.

This exhibition asks: Why has cow’s milk been considered essential to a good diet in the UK? What forces shape the ways we feed our babies? How has milk been used to tie ideas of health to whiteness? How do we value milk and those who produce it?

‘Milk’ is curated by Honor Beddard and Marianne Templeton.

Exhibition guide

A digital exhibition guide, with audio description, British Sign Language and captions and transcripts is available to use on your own phone or device. You can access the guide using QR codes in the gallery, and there is a tactile line on the gallery floor to guide you between stops.

These downloadable documents contain information to help you plan and prepare for your visit:

Visual story (PDF 3860kb)

Sensory map of the exhibition gallery (PDF 626kb)

‘Deeper in the Pyramid: Share of Throat’ is a publication by Melanie Jackson and Esther Leslie accompanying their installation in the exhibition.

Download the complete publication (PDF 15135kb).

Download an accessible text-only version (PDF 760kb).