Our Future of Being Human?

Photograph of RawMinds Art Wall in the entrance of Gallery 1 in Wellcome Collection. In the photograph a woman is wearing headphones and watching a film. In the background is a colourful installation, inspired by climate change and the ‘Being Human‘.
Our Future of Being Human?, Eva Herzog. Source: Wellcome Collection. Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International (CC BY-NC 4.0).

Come and see this new installation, inspired by climate change and the ‘Being Human‘ gallery. The installation is the result of a climate-change project by the RawMinds Ambassadors, who advise us on events for young people. The Ambassadors wanted to create a record of their exploration of the gallery.

“When we explored the new ‘Being Human’ gallery upstairs, we wanted to think about what that means for us, now and in the future. We were awakened by the theme of climate breakdown, so we worked with artists to create this film and artwork.”

The installation consists of a film by James Skerritt and an artwork by Frankie Strand, in collaboration with the RawMinds Ambassadors.

The film is a behind-the-scenes exploration of three key objects from the gallery:

  • 'Help the Normals' by Dolly Sen
  • 'The World Under Pressure' by Batoul S’Himi
  • 'Flooded McDonald’s' by Superflex

Wellcome Collection RawMinds is a programme for young people aged 14 to 19.

Take a look at this playlist of three video interviews by the RawMinds ambassadors with artists whose work is on display in 'Being Human'.

About your contributors

Photograph of Frankie Strand

Frankie Strand

Frankie Strand’s website

Frankie Strand is an illustrator and wall artist with a background in street art. Her artwork ranges from small intricate pencil drawings to large-scale paintings that span entire buildings. She is hugely inspired by natural forms, plant life and the animal kingdom.

Photograph of James Skerritt

James Skerritt

James Skerritt’s website

James Skerritt is an Irish director and director of photography working between narrative, documentary, and fashion. He is passionate about the ocean, awkward moments and good coffee.