Handle With Care

  • Late
Photographic portrait of two women holding hands. One is facing away from the camera , the other is looking at their clasped hands.
Stacy and Lois, Thomas SG Farnetti. Source: Wellcome Collection. CC BY-NC.

Join us for a Friday Late Spectacular exploring what it means to care, to be cared for, to be caring, to be a carer.

Has the widespread language of care been hijacked by institutions that are far from caring? What effect does the digital era have on our capacity to care? Enjoy art, performance, conversation and cocktails as we consider how we handle ourselves, each other and our world with care.

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Photograph of Lois Weaver
Lois Weaver

Lois Weaver is an artist, activist and Professor of Contemporary Performance at Queen Mary University of London.




    • Discussion
    • British Sign Language

    Care Radio Live

    Henry Wellcome Auditorium

    Listen to and be part of our Care Radio programme, broadcast live. Watch the presenters in action as they host a night of discussion, spoken word performance, interviews, music and audience participation.

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    • Performance

    Could I Care Less?

    The Forum

    Immerse yourself in a programme of performance art curated by osborn&møller, exploring the aesthetics of care, from the individual to the institutional.

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  • Cocktails in Care Homes

    The Atrium

    Evenings in care homes can get lonely, but MagicMe cocktail parties are a chance for residents and volunteers to socialise. Join us for a chat and a cocktail.

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    • Performance

    Malama Maki

    Medicine Man and Medicine Now galleries

    Stacy Makishi invites you to Malama Maki. Malama means to care. Maki means to roll. Part ritual, part sushi. Join her for sacred humour, cheeky ritual and ancient rock-’n’-roll witchcraft to massage and care for your soul.

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    • Performance

    The Lullaby Directory

    Reading Room

    Artist and musician Rhiannon Armstrong will perform lullabies from her current research, exploring the promise of song as a type of cradle in which to hold ourselves against the unpredictability of existence.

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    • Discussion
    • British Sign Language

    Long Table

    Williams Lounge

    Take a seat and discuss with artists and activists! At 7.30, talk care, disability & disobedience with Katherine Araniello, Daniel Oliver, and Tammy Reynolds. At 9.30 talk about care in the digital age with Topher Campbell.

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    • Discussion

    Care Café

    Reading Room

    Gather your thoughts and join a quiet conversation in the social context of the café – carers are especially welcome. You’ll also be able to join Body Politic for a workshop transforming clothes into statements of care and positive resistance. Bring along an item of clothing to customise.

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    • Workshop

    Public Studio on End of Life Care

    The Studio

    Join designer Matt Harrison and palliative care expert Heather Richardson to workshop how emerging digital technologies can support care for people at the end of their life.

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