Vienna (Austria)

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  • Stryphnon immediate aid!.
  • A stippled impression of a woman with long hair decorated with flowers wearing an off-the- shoulder gown and pearls sitting between the pink line drawn legs of a woman; with the statement 'Vienna is the other way'; an advertisement for a gay event from 11 June to 7 July [199-] in Vienna [?] organised by sieben zu eins Kulturkontor. Colour lithograph.
  • A yellow hand holding within its palm, a red and blue huddled figure representing an HIV positive person suffering in isolation; with a description of the social effects of the HIV infection; an advertisement by the Österreichische AIDS-Hilfe. Colour lithograph, 199-.
  • Erhebungsbogen der Witwen- und Waisen-Pension aus der medicinischen Witwen- und Waisen-Societäts-Casse für ...
  • Institut für Geschichte der Medizin, Vienna: anatomical wax models from the Josephinum prepared for display. Photograph, 1964.
  • Numerous gay couples wearing condoms and commenting on their benefits in AIDS prevention. Colour lithograph for the Österreichische AIDS-Hilfe.
  • The back view of a naked man being embraced by a man with shoulder-length blond wavy hair with the message in German: 'Protection from love. Let us give AIDS no chance'; an advertisement for safe sex by the Österreichische AIDS-Hilfe. Colour lithograph by Ogilvy & Mather Medical and Peter Baumann of Hollywood Ges. m.b.H.
  • Medical professors at the University of Vienna. Lithograph by J. Stadler, 1856, after A. Prinzhofer, 1853.
  • The church of Saint Charles Borromeo (Karlskirche) and the chapel of Saint Roch, Vienna. Engraving by J.A. Corvinus after S. Kleiner.
  • Stryphnon immediate aid!.