• Sections of wood from the stem of a date palm (Phoenix dactylifera). Coloured aquatint by G. Carocci, 1839, after D. del Rè, 1833.
  • Trunk and roots of a pine tree cut to show growth rings; microscopic views of wood cells in longitudinal and transverse section and of a root tip. Chromolithograph by H.J. Ruprecht, 1877.
  • Royal Naval Hospital, Greenwich, from down river, with a multitude of ships and rowing boats on the right. Engraving by G. Cooke, after A. W. Callcott, 1827.
  • A donkey carrying wood through a snowy landscape; representing January. Etching by G. Perelle, c. 1660.
  • People collecting wood in the snow; representing winter. Etching by N. Perelle, 17th century.
  • The youthful Christ helps Joseph with his carpentry; Mary and Anne look on. Lithograph by A. Dircks, 1849, after C. Müller.
  • An itinerant salesman pushing the cart from which he sells wood logs. Etching by J.T. Smith, 1815.
  • Transverse sections of the wood and stem anatomy of sugar cane, common cane, hazel, Althaea frutex, lime and bamboo.
  • While Joseph works in his carpenter's shop, the angel steals into the house and announces the birth of Christ to Mary. Engraving by J. Sadeler, ca. 1615, after J. Robusti, il Tintoretto.
  • H.M.S. Dreadnought, a hospital ship, being broken up for salvage at Chatham Naval Dockyard, Kent. Wood engraving, 1875.