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  • Satan's invisible world discovered, or, A choice collection of modern relations proving evidently, against the atheists of this present age, that there are devils. Spirits, witches, and apparitions, from authentic records, and attestations of witnesses of undoubted veracity : To which is added, the marvellous history of Major Weir and his sister, the witches of Bargarran, Pittenweem, Calder, &c / By Mr. George Sinclair.
  • The prophecy of Masuka: an African medicine man or shaman of the Nkose watching the future in a bowl. Painting by Stanley Wood, 1894.
  • The mystery and lore of apparitions : with some account of ghosts, spectres, phantoms and boggarts in early times / by C.J.S. Thompson.
  • Apparitions; or, the mystery of ghosts, hobgoblins, and haunted houses, developed. Being a collection of entertaining stories, founded on fact ... / [Joseph Taylor].