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  • Designs of ears and eyes. Engraving after C. Le Brun.
  • Concentric circles representing an eye. Watercolour by M. Bishop, 1968.
  • Inflamed bloodshot eye defects: three figures. Coloured stipple engraving by H. Adlard.
  • An eye; according to Lavater, belonging to a promising young man. Drawing, c. 1794.
  • Two eyes combined; below, saltires and grids. Watercolour by M. Bishop, 1969.
  • 3D print of vessels of a healthy mini pig eye.
  • Diagrams illustrating: bandaged legs in splints, bandaged upper bodies and bandaged heads and eyes. Engraving by W. Lowry, 1811, after J. Farey, the younger (?).
  • A woman looks at herself in her mirror; a man looks through a telescope; representing the sense of sight. Engraving by A. Bosse after himself, ca. 1650.
  • Two eyes combined; below, rounded fences representing guilt. Watercolour by M. Bishop, 1969.
  • A woman removing something from a man's eye while another man looks on. Etching by W. Geikie.