Title pages


  • A title page illustrated with two eagles and a vulture holding a sheep's skin between them. Engraving, ca. 1690, after F. Barlow.
  • A surgeon setting a leg with the aid of three assistants, observed by onlookers, in front of walls on which various surgical instruments are arranged. Engraving by Jacob van Meurs, 1657.
  • An allegorical figure holding torches seated on a baroque monument; the symbols of the four evangelists above her, and Saint Thomas Aquinas and Galen at her side. Engraving by Jacob Bruynel after A. van Diepenbeeck, 1666.
  • A man consulting a physician who examines a flask of his urine. Engraving, 1644.
  • Athanasius Kircher being guided by an archangel to the celestial spheres. Engraving by J.F. Fleischberger, 1660.
  • Two men with horses in front of a classical monument decorated with the head of a horse on the pediment; horse-riders in the background. Engraving after J. de Solleysel, 17--.
  • Reinier de Graaf: allegory of anatomy, engraved titlepage to his Opera omnia. Line engraving by P. Pinchard, 1678.
  • The Tetragrammaton and orders of heaven surmounting portraits of famous medical philosophers (Aesculapius, Hippocrates, Galen, Avicenna etc.) and John Woodall. Engraving by G. Glover, 1639.
  • Ancient anatomists in discussion around a cadaver. Engraving by G. Appelmans, 1674.
  • Women personifying the continents of Europe, Africa and Asia, are protected by Father Time, while a woman personifying antiquity points to the value of ancient coins. Engraving by M. van der Gucht after P. Berchet.