• The distillery of Deacon Giles seen as the work of the Devil. Coloured wood-engraving after G. B. Cheever, ca. 1835.
  • Chemistry: multiple vessels for distillation, on a furnace. Woodcut after M. Augusti.
  • Hennig Brand, the German alchemist, discovering phosphorus. Etching, 19th century.
  • A still house in a whiskey distillery. Wood engraving, late 19th century.
  • Chemistry: a large vessel for distillation, on a furnace. Woodcut after M. Augusti.
  • Three distillers with streams running from their noses and mouths into a tub of "double rectified spirits". Coloured etching, 1811, after T. Rowlandson.
  • Chemistry: an industrial distillery, in Scotland (?). Engraving, early 19th century.
  • Three Wallachian men round a log fire with distilling apparatus nearby. Wood engraving, ca. 1870.
  • Chemistry: various vessels for distillation. Engraving by Prevost after L.J. Goussier.
  • Three-tiered symbolic diagram of the art of alchemy: top level, symbols of the states of matter; middle level, cabalistic diagrams; lower level, the two techniques of alchemy: distillation and calcination. Engraving by R. Custos, 1616.