Boats and boating

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  • Jesus calls the fishermen from the sea to be his apostles. Etching by J. Wachsmuth after J.C. Tardieu and C.J. Vernet.
  • Scarborough Museum and Cliff Bridge, Scarborough, Yorkshire. Engraving by C.J. Smith.
  • Dinsdale Spa, Durham: people gathered at the riverside. Line engraving by S. Lacey, 1833, after T. Allom.
  • Bovril : those who go down to the sea in ships have perhaps more need for Bovril than any other class of men / [Bovril Limited].
  • Deaf and Dumb Asylum, Newport, Kentucky: view from the river. Coloured line engraving by Fenner Sears & Co., 1832, after G. Wall.
  • Singapore: evening view of the Johore River. Watercolour by J. Taylor, 1879.
  • Harbour view of St. Vincent's rock taken from the hot wells, Bristol. Line engraving, 1776.
  • Grace Darling rowing out to sea in a furious storm. Colour wood engraving by E. Evans after C.J. Staniland.
  • The baths and mineral springs, Ems, West Germany. Line engraving by J. Willis after W. Tombleson.
  • The Baths, Gravesend, Kent: public beach. Line engraving by H. Adlard, 1828, after G. Shepherd.