• A pair of arms thrown up in despair at the thought that there is no God. Drawing by M. Bishop, 1975.
  • A prisoner is sitting on straw in a cave with his feet chained to the wall, there are a few provisions on a small shelf in the rock. Etching by R. Blyth after J.H. Mortimer.
  • A poor London street strewn with hopeless drunkards and lined with gin shops and a flourishing pawnbroker. Engraving, c. 1751, after W. Hogarth.
  • One of two scenes from the Naya-nayika set of lovers' quarrels. Chromolithograph.
  • A couple in animal skins (Adam and Eve?) journeying with three children after the expulsion. Coloured stipple engraving.
  • The maze of trees, emotional cancer journey, artwork
  • A drunken man fights with his family, all ruined through his drinking habit. Etching by G. Cruikshank, 1847, after himself.
  • Death looms above a group of people inflicted with various physical and mental diseases - a lazar house. Stipple engraving by M. Haughton, 1813, after H. Fuseli.
  • Two faces: one expressing extreme despair (left), the other anger mixed with rage (right). Etching by B. Picart, 1713, after C. Le Brun.
  • A face with hair on end expressing despair. Crayon Manner print by W. Hebert, c. 1770, after C. Le Brun.