Queen's College (University of Oxford)


  • Queen's College, Oxford: from the river. Line engraving by Elizabeth Byrne, 1810, after R.B. Harraden.
  • A 14th century silver drinking horn with explanatory text. Wood-engraving, late 19th century.
  • Queen's College, Oxford: quadrangle. Wood engraving.
  • Queen's College, Oxford: its buildings in the sixteenth century, before their replacement by neoclassical buildings. Wood engraving by J. Jackson, 1845.
  • City of Oxford: panoramic view of the High Street with views of the colleges and churches. Etching by H. Toussaint.
  • Queen's College, Oxford: panoramic view. Line engraving.
  • Queen's College, Oxford: entranceway. Line engraving by E.F. McCabe, 1824, after R.B. Harraden.
  • Queen's College, Oxford: gateway. Line engraving.
  • St. Mary's Church, Oxford: from the High Street with Queen's, All Souls and University Colleges, and Carfax Tower. Etching by H. Toussaint.
  • Queen's College, Oxford: south-east view. Aquatint with etching by R.G. Reeve after J. Buckler.