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  • The seven-headed beast is worshipped by men of all nations, as told in the Book of Revelations. Engraving.
  • A man influenced by the devil to deprive his three daughters of an adequate dowry so that they must stay at home clothmaking. Engraving by T. Galle after J. Stradanus (Van der Straet), ca. 1600.
  • Protection against witchcraft and demons through the name and attributes of Jesus Christ. Woodcuts and letterpress, 159-.
  • An army of demons armed with clysters, one of which is a huge cannon, attack a man tied to a tree; suggesting the awful experience of having an enema. Pen drawing.
  • A woman suffering the pain of cholic; illustrated by demons tugging on a rope wound around her stomach. Coloured etching by G. Cruikshank, 1819, after Captain F. Marryat.
  • A devil buggering a man. Gouache painting by an Indian painter.
  • Witchcraft: Robert Hunt, with two other men, surmounted by a devil. Woodcut, 1720.
  • Witchcraft: a witch and a devil in a circle. Woodcut, 1720.
  • A white angel-like figure with wings being embraced by a black demon-like creature with ears with a quote from Friedrich Dürrenmatt stating that love is a miracle but evil is never very far away; a warning about AIDS by the AIDS-Hilfe Vorarlberg. Colour lithograph by Kurt Dornig.
  • Tropium Chlordiazepoxide B P : 'turns' the emotional and behavioural effects of anxiety and stress to normality.