• The side profile of the face of Gladys, a black woman with red lips with speech bubbles containing a conversation with Steve about the use of condoms; advertisement for safe sex by the N.I.A.D. (Nederlands Instituut voor Alcohol en Drugs). Colour lithograph by Laren, Tadberg Design.
  • Wherever you travel, however you travel, mind how you go : avoiding the risks of HIV for travellers : Travel Safe, advice from the Department of Health.
  • A condom with a message in English and Chinese about safe sex and the risk of AIDS; an AIDS prevention advertisement by the Training and Health Education Department, Ministry of Health in Singapore. Colour lithograph, 1993.
  • Women now... Take Care / HIV/AIDS Team, Lothian Health Board.
  • AIDS and sex : what everyone should know / issued by the Scottish Health Education Group.
  • Prise de risque: que faire? : en cas de prise de risque: ... rapport non protégé, rupture de préservatif, éjaculation dans la bouche... : le T.P.E. (Traitement Post Exposition) : 48h pour agir / SNEG, santé et prévention.
  • Quels souvenirs vais-je ramener de vacance? : Sida, pour fair face, parlez-en! / Étudiants Contre le Sida.
  • Tales of gay sex. 15, Bhangra beat / Terrence Higgins Trust, Naz project.
  • A condom with an open packet and the message in French: "Those who believe there is a vaccine against AIDS - this is what it looks like"; advertisement by Ministére des Affaires Sociales de la Santé et de la Ville. Colour lithograph by M. Descottes, 1995 (?).
  • Varieties of condoms representing an advertisement for safe sex and AIDS Hotlines by the CATF Columbus AIDS Task Force. Colour lithograph.