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Our bodies inside out

Through a series of exquisite ink and watercolour illustrations, ‘Anatomicum’ shows how our organs, tissues, blood vessels, nerves and cells are working together to make us who we are. In this extract, illustrator Katy Wiedemann and author Jennifer Z Paxton uncover some of the incredible things going on under our skin.

Words by Jennifer Z Paxton|artwork by Katy Wiedemann

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About the contributors

Jennifer Z Paxton


Jennifer Z Paxton is Lecturer in Anatomy at the University of Edinburgh and Principal Investigator of the Paxton Lab, a tissue engineering laboratory. Jennifer has won the Wellcome Trust 'I'm a Scientist' competition twice (2013, 2018). She loves bringing the science of anatomy to a wider audience and working with primary schools to engage more children with the subject.

Katy Wiedemann

Katy Wiedemann


Katy Wiedemann is an illustrator and tattoo artist in Philadelphia, USA. Her work explores the field of scientific illustration, particularly that of human and animal anatomy. Working in ink and watercolour, Katy uses traditional techniques to realise her blend of realism and scientific understanding, and to highlight the beauty and complexity of our biological forms.