[Anatomical fugitive sheets of a skeleton, male figure and a female figure.].

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[Wittenberg] : [publisher not identified], [1573]

Physical description

3 sheets : illustrations (woodcut) ; 37 x 31 cm

References note

Carlino, A. Paper Bodies, 30


Imprint: [from sheet 3] Edita Vuitebergae in gratiam studiosae iuuentutis, discentis elementa doctrinae Anatomicae in libello de Anima. M.D.LXXIII.
All the text in Latin, with some names of anatomical parts also given in Greek. The text is printed in a column, on the right of the woodcut on sheets 1 and 3, on the left on sheet 2. Male and female figures have superimposed flaps. Sheet 1 has seven accessory figures with corresponding explanatory texts (from prima figura to septima); sheet 2 has eight accessory figures and an explanatory text arranged alphabetically (A to H). The main figure has the features of Vesalius; sheet 3 has ten accessory figures and an explanatory text arranged from I to IX.
According to Carlino, publication has been incorrectly attributed to Simon Gronenberg.
Copy 1. Woodcuts coloured.

Exhibitions note

Exhibited in "Cut and Paste: 400 Years of Collage", Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art, 29 June - 27 October 2019


Sheet 1 (skeleton): [Skeleton], seu compages ossium humani corporis, parte anteriore expressa. -- Sheet 2 (male figure): Tabula exhibens insigniora maris viscera. -- Sheet 3 (female figure): Tabula foeminae membra demonstrans.


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