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A system of anatomy / From Monro, Winslow, Innes and the latest authors. Arranged, as nearly as the nature of the work would admit, in the order of the lectures delivered by the professor of anatomy in the University of Edinburgh.

Fyfe, Andrew, 1754-1824.

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Edinburgh : C. Elliot; [etc., etc.], 1784.

Physical description

2 volumes, 16 plates. ; (8vo)


Parts I-III have special half titles; pts. IV-VIII have caption titles only
Edited by Andrew Fyfe, who was assistant to Alexander Monro II, the professor of anatomy at Edinburgh
Parts IV-VII are adapted from portions of J. B. Winslow's Exposition anatomique de la structure du corps humain
"Of the absorbent system" (pt. VII, chap. 3) is taken from the first 3 chapters of William Hewson's Experimental inquiries: part the second, containing a description of the lymphatic system. London, 1774
"Of the gravid uterus" (pt. VI, chap. 3, p. 374-395) is taken from Alexander Hamilton's Outlines of the theory and practice of midwifery
Published in 1787 under title: A system of anatomy and physiology, from the latest and best authors

Publications note

ESTC T140963


v. 1, pt. 1. The anatomy of the human bones, by the late Alexander Monro. pt. 2. A description of the human muscles, by John Innes. pt. 3. Eight anatomical tables of the human body, by John Innes. pt. 4. An enumeration of the cartilages, ligaments, &c. of the joints [adapted from J. B. Winslow]--v. 2, pt. 5. A description of the integuments, by [J. B.] Winslow. pt. 6. A description of the viscera and organs, by [J. B.] Winslow. pt. 7. Of the vessels. [Contains Of the arteries, and Of the veins, by [J. B.] Winslow, and Of the absorbent system, by [William Hewson]] pt. 8. Of the human nerves, by the late Alexander Monro.


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