Smokers should use Calvert's Dento-Phenolene : a pleasant and fragrant liquid dentifrice and mouth wash prepared with Calvert's purest phenol (carbolic) / F.C. Calvert & Co.

  • F.C. Calvert & Co.
[between 1890 and 1899?]
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Also known as

Calvert's "Anti-mosquito" soap: a new & special preparation.


Double-sided 1890s advertisement for F.C. Calvert & Co.'s Dento-Phenolene and "Anti-mosquito" soap printed in black on pale orange paper. The Dento-Phenolene was supposed to sweeten the breath and preserve the teeth and was available in 2 sizes of bottle. It is illustrated by a woman giving a bottle to a slightly camp-looking man with a moustache, holding a cigarette in his right hand. The soap was suitable for the most sensitive skin so it could be used for children and ladies. It repelled mosquitoes and other small insects, being especially "adapted" for hot countries. The illustration shows two middle-eastern looking women sleeping in front of an open window. One is looking annoyed and is being bitten by a swarm of insects while the other (who has presumably used the soap) is smiling and being left alone by them. As soaps which repel mosquitoes are still sold today, simple, active ingredients being: eucalyptus oil, citronella oil, menthol, clove, rosemary and lavender, it probably lived up to its claims. F.C. Calvert & Co. were keen on advertising and in 1953 issued a set of 25 trading cards and an album to mount them in featuring Dan Dare from the Eagle comic, advertising their tooth powders.


Manchester : F.C. Calvert & Co., [between 1890 and 1899?]

Physical description

1 sheet : illustrations ; 15 x 23 cm


Exhibitions note

Exhibited in "Teeth" at Wellcome Collection, 17 May - 16 September 2018



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