"Blood and homeland" : eugenics and racial nationalism in Central and Southeast Europe, 1900-1940 / edited by Marius Turda and Paul J. Weindling.

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Budapest ; New York : Central European University Press, 2007.

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ix, 467 pages : illustrations, map ; 23 cm


Eugenics, race, and nation in Central and Southeast Europe, 1900-1940 : a historiographic overview / Marius Turda and Paul J. Weindling -- German "race psychology" and its implementation in Central Europe: Egon von Eickstedt and Rudolf Hippius / Egbert Klautke -- From "prisoner of war studies" to proof of paternity: racial anthropologists and the measuring of others in Austria / Margit Berner -- Volksdeutsche and racial anthropology in interwar Vienna: the Marienfeld project / Maria Teschler-Nicola -- Of Yugoslav barbarians and Croatian gentleman scholars: nationalist ideology and racial anthropology in interwar Yugoslavia / Rory Yeomans -- Anthropological discourse and eugenics in interwar Greece / Sevasti Trubeta -- Eugenics, social genetics, and racial hygiene: plans for the scientific regulation of human heredity in the Czech lands, 1900-1925 / Michal Šimůnek -- Progressivism and eugenic thinking in Poland, 1905-1939 / Magdalena Gawin -- The first debates on eugenics in Hungary, 1910-1918 / Marius Turda -- Taking care of the national body: eugenic visions in interwar Bulgaria, 1905-1940 / Christian Promitzer -- The self-perception of a small nation: the reception of eugenics in interwar Estonia / Ken Kalling -- Central Europe confronts German racial hygiene: Friedrich Hertz, Hugo Iltis, and Ignatz Zollschan as critics of racial hygiene / Paul J. Weindling -- "Moses als eugeniker?": the reception of eugenic ideas in Jewish medical circles in interwar Poland / Kamila Uzarczyk -- Eugenics and Catholicism in interwar Austria / Monika Löscher -- From welfare to selection: Vienna's Public Health Office and the implementation of racial hygiene policies under the Nazi regime / Herwig Czech -- Fallen women and necessary evils: eugenic representations of prostitution in interwar Romania / Maria Bucur -- Culturalist nationalism and anti-Semitism in fin-de-siècle Romania / Răzvan Pârâinu -- The politics of hatred: scapegoating in interwar Hungary / Antila Pók -- Racial politics and biomedical totalitarianism in interwar Europe / Aristotle A. Kallis -- Tunnel visions and mysterious trees: modernist projects of national and racial regeneration, 1880-1939 /rRoger Griffin.

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