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Nineteen scenes depicting popular disillusionment with doctors and medicine. Coloured wood engraving by Henriot, ca. 1900.

Henriot, 1857-1933.

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Paris : Pellerin & édit (Pellerin & imp.)

Physical description

1 print : wood engraving, with watercolour.


Souvent médecine varie. Henriot ...


Wellcome Library no. 17002i


In the top right-hand corner, a witch with an enema holds a poster bearing the artist's name: Henriot. [1] A well-fed man complains of stomach pains. [2] A patient reluctantly goes to an expensive specialist and is diagnosed diabetes. [3] A physician advises a patient that diabetics do not die if they abstain rigorously. [4] A man at a dinner table gazes at the plethora of medicine bottles in front of him, lamenting that they have taken the place of wine. [5] A man jumps up and down, assailed by the side effects of his medicine. [6] A man decides to visit a famous doctor. [7] A physician tells a patient he has been wrongly treated. [8] A man at a dinner table contemplates bottles of wine and mineral water. [9] A man watches the changes in his body due to wine: a red nose and a full belly, which he measures with a ruler. [10] A doctor surrounded by flasks and bottles. [11] A group of doctors give wildly varying diagnoses of a confused patient. [12] A travelling doctor. [13] A patient, exhausted by his gruelling, ultimately useless treatment (he is being aggressively manipulated here), decides to rest to recover from his ordeals. [14] A wraith-like patient leans against a wall. [15] A man uses electricity as medical treatment; he convulses and his hair stands on end. [16] After many exotic and unsuccessful treatments, a patient is suspended in the air by his new doctor. [17] A housewife contemplates the multiplicity of available medicines. [18] In a fit of inspiration, a patient throws all his medicines out of the window. [19] A wealthy man smoking a cigar outside a casino


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