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Acu-moxa chart: chongmai (Penetrating Vessel), Chinese

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Credit: Acu-moxa chart: chongmai (Penetrating Vessel), Chinese. Wellcome Collection. In copyright

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The names of the acu-moxa locations of chongmai (Penetrating vessel) are inscribed on a human figure. Chongmai is one of the Eight Extraordinary Channels (qi jing ba mai). Originating in the lower abdomen, it descends to the perineum, and ascends within the spinal column. It runs through the qijie (Road of Qi) region in the groin, where it comes into confluence with the kidney channel of foot shaoyin, then upwards along both sides of the trunk to the neck, and finally encircles the lips. For a list of point names, see 'Lettering'.



Picture title: Chongmai (Penetrating vessel). Other lettering (point names): Huiyin (Convergence of Yin); henggu (Pubic Bone); dahe (Great Glory); guanyuan (Pass to the Origin); qixue (Qi Cavern); siman (Four Fullnesses); zhongzhu (Middle Flow); huangshu (Vitals Conveyor); shangqu (Shang Bend); shiguan (Stone Pass); yindu (Yin Metropolis); tonggu (Connecting Valley); youmen (Hidden Portal)


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