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Reflections on the general principles for electing commissioned officers, in the divisional corps of Yeomanry, in the Metropolis. Out of 208 elections in the 1st Regt. of R.D. Vs. for Lieuts. committee-men, Serjts. and Corpls. but one solitary instance has occurred of a captain introducing a member out of another company to fill a vacant office in his own. That one was the introduction of Mr. Powell, out of the Ist, to fill the vacant lieutenancy, in the 5th company. 206 of these elections, being determined by the non-commissioned officers and privates, ended peaceably, without the loss of a man to the regiment. Of the three recent elections for commissioned officers, which have taken place in the Ist Regiment of Royal Dublin Volunteers, that in the 4th company, only, ended with the most perfect order and harmony, being solely decided by the non-commissioned officers and privates-out those in the 2nd and 5th companies have been productive of much personal animosity, dissension and loss of members to the regiment, being both subjected to the interference of their commissioned officers- contrary to the nature of the service, to the article of association, and to the rules and interests of the corps. If a doubt arise of the justice of any measure, it is duty of the officer to consult the musters upon parade; as the true and only criterion by with an assurance of being right: if they are ill attended-if the falling off in the musters be visible-if, out of ten companies, they frequently cannot make up one-if the corps be sometimes dismissed, through want of a sufficient number to appear in the public streets, then it is the duty of the officer to pause, to desist, and to sacrifice his own personal views to the good of the service-for he may be assured that he has erred, and that the silent sense of the regiment is against him.

December, 1797
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Dublin : [s.n.], December, 1797.

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