Science, politics, and evolution / Elisabeth A. Lloyd.

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Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 2008.

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vii, 301 pages ; 24 cm.


The nature of Darwin's support for the theory of natural selection -- A semantic approach to the structure of population genetics -- Confirmation of evolutionary and ecological models -- Units and levels of selection -- Species selections on variability -- An open letter to Elliott Sober and David Sloan Wilson, regarding their book, Unto others: the evolution and psychology of unselfish behavior -- Problems with pluralism -- Normality and variation: the human genome project and the ideal human type -- Evolutionary psychology: the burdens of proof -- Objectivity and the double standard for feminist epistemologies -- Science and anti-science: objectivity and its real enemies -- Pre-theoretical assumptions in evolutionary explanations of female sexuality.

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Includes bibliographical references (p. 269-295) and index.


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