Beyond thalidomide : birth defects explained / Janet McCredie.

  • McCredie, Janet.
[2007], ©2007
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How do birth defects happen? Why does thalidomide mutilate the embryo? In this challenging text the author takes a new approach to the resulting disordered anatomy and demonstrates that the skeletal defects seen are inconsistent with primary bone disease, but indicate primary damage to the embryonic sensory nerves--neural crest injury. This book will be of interest to those involved with birth defects.


London ; Ashland, OH : Royal Society of Medicine Press, [2007], ©2007.

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xii, 418 pages : illustrations (some color) ; 26 cm



The thalidomide epidemic -- Pharmacology of thalidomide: interaction with the human embryo -- Animal studies -- Thalidomide polyneuropathy -- Clinical radiology -- Terminology, classification and the rejection of authority -- The pattern of the disease: first radiological analysis (Sydney) -- Verification of the disease pattern: second radiological analysis (London) -- Congenital reductions of the radius -- Congenital dislocation -- Congenital synostosis -- The hypothesis of neural crest injury -- The neural crest -- Neurotrophism -- Nerve in limb bud -- Regeneration and embryogenesis -- Neural crest ablation and limb morphogenesis -- Thalidomide deformities and their nerve supply: first morphometirc study in rabbits -- Thalidomide deformities and their nerve supply: second morphometric study in rabbits -- The sensory nerve supply of bone -- The sclerotomes -- Sclerotome aplasia/subtraction -- Sclerotome aplasia/subtraction in 203 cases -- Radial/tibial dysmelia: limb reductions typical of thalidomide -- Associated internal malformations and their embryology -- Neurotomes and multiple malformation syndromes -- Hands and feet in thalidomide embryopathy: histology and sclerotomes in the digits -- Other disorders of similar sclerotomes -- Segmental and truncal neuorpathies in sclerotomes not affected by thalidomide -- Review of actions of thalidomide -- Conclusion: beyond thalidomide.

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