Drinks ephemera : Water. Box 1.

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Box file containing items of ephemera in acid free sleeves. Includes advertisements for: Royal filtering vessel for supplying ships with pure water (1842), Tilbury alterative waters (for diarrhoea, respiratory diseases, consumption and haemmorhoids), Thomas Davis' mineral waters (St. Albans Street, Pall Mall, 1766, 1775), Wade's medicine and mineral water warehouse (13 Old Bond Street, London), Hoffman's inestimable cough pills, Augustine Thwaites (apothecaries, 40 Great Marlborough Street, London : 1801), P. A. Maignen's patent "filter rapide" (1880s?), Bristol and Bath water (Battersbee and Bishop : from Richard Bristow, Fleet Street, London : 1736), John Ellison's Jessop's Well mineral water (1778), Hungary Water Warehouse (Ludgate Hill, London), Iron Pear-Tree Water (1753), Owen's original mineral water warehouse (Fleet Street, London, 1733), Pyrmont Wells Water (1737), analysis of the Wick Chalybeate Water (J.F. Daniell, 1831, J.A. paris, 1832), Apollinaris & Presta, Limited (shares certificate, 1957), Battle Bridge Wells Water or Saint Chad's Water (1797?), "Source du paradis" table water (Oise : 1880s?), Chelspa (Cheltenham aperient water, 1915), Source Communale d'Alet (Aude), Heinrich Mattoni (Karlsbad)'s Giesshübler, Franzensbad Franzens-Spring water (for chlorosis, anaemia, hysteria, nervous headache, neurasthenia, menstrual difficulties, sterility, scrofula, Bright's Disease, fever), Hunyadi János mineral water (a remedy for gout and rheumatism), Summit Mineral Spring Water, Flitwick medicinal spring water (anaemia, rheumatism, indigestion, debility, neuralgia), Condy's Ozonised Water (Condy & Mitchell Limited : 67 & 68 Turnmill Street, London), Société Générale des Eaux Minérales de Vals (1886), Seltzogenes (bottles for aerated water), Schweppes soda waters, Aesculap mineral water, Salutaris table water.

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1 box ; 34 x 33 cm.


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