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Muscles of the neck, tongue and jaws. Colour mezzotint by J. F. Gautier d'Agoty after himself, 1745-1746.

Gautier Dagoty, 1717-1785.
[1745 [-1746]]


Free to use with attribution CC BYCredit: Wellcome Collection
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Jacques Fabien Gautier d'Agoty, published a series of anatomy plates using a colour mezzotint process which had first been developed by Jacob Christoph Le Blon (1667-1741), in whose workshop Gautier d'Agoty had served as an assistant. In 1737, Le Blon obtained a copyright to publish a complete colour anatomy atlas, which never appeared. To Le Blon's process, which used the three colours of red, yellow and blue, Gautier d'Agoty added black and claimed the process to be his own invention. The dissections were prepared by Jacques-Fran̨cois Duverney (d. 1748), a Parisian surgeon and demonstrator of anatomy and surgery at the Jardin du Roy. According to the "Avertisement", the principle aim of the Myologie complette was to "facilitate the study of Anatomy for all sorts of persons, above all students of medicine, surgery, painting and sculpture, all of those who, in a word, have the health and study of the human body as their subject." The lower jaw has been removed from the head which is tilted back so as to display the upper palate of the mouth and the muscles of the neck and their attachments to the cervical vertebrae and the first ribs. The lower jaw is on the right (fig. 3) and above it is the tongue (fig. 2)


[Paris] : [Sieur Gautier], [1745 [-1746]]

Physical description

1 print : mezzotint, printed in colours ; image 40 x 31.6 cm


Figure 8 demontrée par M. Duverney, peinte et gravée en couleur par J. Gautier



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License information

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Muscles of the neck, tongue and jaws. Colour mezzotint by J. F. Gautier d'Agoty after himself, 1745-1746. Credit: Wellcome Collection. CC BY

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