Clio meets science / edited by Robert E. Kohler and Kathryn M. Olesko.

[2012], ©2012
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Clio meets science : the challenges of history


Chicago : University of Chicago Press, [2012], ©2012.

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350 pages : illustrations ; 26 cm.


Is it time to forget science? reflections on singular science and its history / Jan Golinski -- Science Is dead; long live science / Peter Dear -- On the historical forms of knowledge production and curation : modernity entailed disciplinarity, postmodernity entails antidisciplinarity / Paul Forman -- Moving about and finding things out : economies and sciences in the period of the scientific revolution / Harold J. Cook -- Reflections of a troglodyte historian of science / Edward Grant -- The sciences of the archive / Lorraine Daston -- The Semblance of transparency : expertise as a social good and an ideology in enlightened societies / Thomas Broman -- Thin description : surface and depth in science and science studies / Theodore M. Porter -- Science, state, and citizens : notes from another shore / Fa-Ti Fan -- Wissenschaft and Kunde : the general and the special in modern science / Lynn K. Nyhart -- Booms, busts, and the world of ideas : enrollment pressures and the challenge of specialization / David Kaiser -- Collecting nature : practices, styles, and narratives / Bruno J. Strasser.

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