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Fellowship Records

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Beit Memorial Fellowships for Medical Research Trust
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The Fellows' files are arranged chronologically by date of award. The files include application forms, references and correspondence, Fellows' own and their supervisors' reports on their progress, published papers and occasionally material relating to subsequent appointments.

The date for each file indicates the date of the award of the Fellowship.

The number on the list is the Fellowship number assigned to each file, and tallies with the numbered list of Fellows published in the handbooks. Certain files in the series are not extant, especially in the early years. These are listed below. A gap in the sequence does not mean that the file is missing, but rather that the fellow may have been removed from the list.

Fellowship files not found in this collection:

A.2/1 Lewis, Thomas 1910

A.2/2 Mathison, Gordon Clunes McKay 1910

A.2/3 Ransom, Frederick Parlett Fisher 1910

A.2/4 Russ, Sidney 1910

A.2/5 Smedley, Ida 1910

A.2/6 Edridge-Green, Frederick William 1910

A.2/7 Drew, George Harold 1910 A.2/9 Mellanby, Edward 1910

A.2/10 May, Otto 1910

A.2/11 Elliott, Thomas Renton 1911

A.2/12 Atkin, Eric Edwin 1911

A.2/13 Tozer, Frances May 1911

A.2/14 Row, Richard William Harold 1911

A.2/15 Priestly, Henry 1911

A.2/16 Wilson, Frederick Perera 1911

A.2/17 Yates, Arthur Gurney 1911

A.2/18 Homer, Annie 1911

A.2/19 Barrington, Frederick James Fitzmaurice 1911

A.2/20 Gaskell, John Foster 1911

A.2/21 Bayon, Pietro Giorgio Ernico 1912

A.2/22 Cooper, Evelyn Ashley 1912

A.2/24 Graham, George 1912

A.2/25 Gunn, Graham Andrew 1912

A.2/26 Harvey, Willoughby Henwood 1912

A.2/27 Jona, Leon Judah 1912

A.2/28 Roland, Victor Norris 1912

A.2/29 O'Donoghue, Charles Henry 1912

A.2/30 Twort, Charles Claud 1912

A.2/31 McIntosh, James 1913

A.2/32 Funk, Casimir 1913

A.2/33 Patterson, Sydney Wentworth 1913

A.2/34 Schütze, Harrie Leslie Hugo 1913

A.2/35 Macallum, Archibald Bruce 1913

A.2/36 Pixell, Helen Lucia Mary 1913

A.2/37 Chisholm, Robert Alexander 1913

A.2/38 Cow, Douglas Vernon 1913

A.2/39 Dalyell, Elsie Jean 1913

A.2/40 Thomson, John Gordon 1914

A.2/41 Barratt, John Oglethorpe Wakelin 1914

A.2/43 Grey, Egerton Charles 1914

A.2/45 Marrack, John Richardson 1914

A.2/46 Nicholls, George Edward 1914

A.2/47 Porter, Annie 1914

A.2/48 Priestly, John Gillies 1914

A.2/49 Robertson, Jane Isobel 1914

A.2/50 Stephenson, Marjorie 1914

A.2/51 Fearnsides, Edwin Greaves 1915

A.2/52 Micklethwait, Frances Mary Gore 1915

A.2/53 Poulton, Edward Palmer 1915

A.2/54 Broadhurst, Harry Cecil 1920

A.2/55 de Burgh Daly, Ivan 1920

A.2/56 Keilin, David 1920

A.2/57 Lepper, Elizabeth Herdman 1920

A.2/58 MacKay, Helen Marion Macpherson 1920

A.2/60 Vevers, Geoffrey Marr 1920

A.2/61 Bennett, Thomas Izod 1921

A.2/62 Coward, Katherine Hope 1921

A.2/63 Cowan, Mary Logan 1921

A.2/65 Harris, Daniel Thomas 1921

A.2/66 Penfield, Wilder Graves 1921

A.2/69 Kay, Herbert Davenport 1922

A.2/74 Allison, Victor Douglas 1922

A.2/77 Huggett, Arthur St George Joseph 1922

A.2/80 Campbell, John Maurice Hardman 1923

A.2/81 Channon, Harold John 1923

A.2/84 Lambie, Charles George 1923

A.2/85 Rusell, Dorothy Stuart 1923

A.2/86 Smith, William 1923

A.2/87 Steaben, Dorothy Beatty 1923

A.2/88 Stewart, Corbet Page 1923

A.2/89 Winter, Lewis Bland 1923

A.2/99 Kelly, Francis Charles 1925

A.2/187 Pirie, Antoinette 1937



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