Edward Jenner vaccinating a boy. Oil painting by E.-E. Hillemacher, 1884.

  • Hillemacher, Eugène-Ernest, 1818-1887.
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Exhibition title: Edward Jenner faisant ses premières expériences de vaccine à Berkeley (Glocester)


After many years of observations, Edward Jenner carried out his experiments on the effects of vaccine on human experimental subjects in 1796. On 14 May 1796 he inoculated cowpox from the arm of Sarah Nelmes into the arm of James Phipps, said to have been aged about eight years. On 12 July 1796 he inoculated Phipps with smallpox, but the smallpox did not have any effect, demonstrating the protective effects of the cowpox. This may be the episode depicted in the present painting, in which case the child receiving the inoculation would be James Phipps, while the woman holding Phipps may be identified as Sarah Nelmes


[Paris?], [1884]

Physical description

1 painting : oil on canvas ; canvas 73.1 x 92.7 cm

References note

Explication des ouvrages de peinture, sculpture, architecture ... des artistes vivants exposés au Palais des Champs-Elysées le 1er. mai 1884. Deuxième édition, Paris: E. Bernard, 1884, p. 110 ("Hillemacher (Eugène-Ernest), né Paris, élève de L. Cogniet. - H. C. -Rue Lafayette, 126. 1217 - Edward Jenner faisant ses premières expériences de vaccine à Berkeley (Glocester)")

Exhibitions note

Exhibited in “Diseases: Curse of the past, threat to the future” at Roemer- und Pelizaeus-Museum, Hildesheim, Germany, 1 October 2021 - 17 July 2022


Wellcome Collection 45436i

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