The treatment of depression.

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From the sleeve notes: this is the second recording concerned with depressive illness issued by Harvey Pharmaceuticals as a service to the medical profession.


UK : Harvey Pharmaceuticals, 1960.

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1 sound disc (Side One 05:48 min, Side Two 04:11 min.)

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Pfizer Ltd


This is a promotional record and the recording was made on cardboard. According to the sleeve notes this is the second such recording.
The introduction to the series on the record sleeve notes that the medical profession has taken considerable interest in the relationship between brain biochemistry and mental illness. There is potential for the 'new' anti-depressant compounds (the record promotes Niamid, a brand of the anti-depressant compound Nialamide).


Part One Psychoneuronic Depression. Two cases entitled 'Reactive Depression' and 'Mixed Depressive State'. The sleeve notes have detailed dosage recommendations. The case studies are dramatised in the form of a briefing for students/staff. A case is made for ECT (electro-convulsive-therapy) which is extolled comparing it to having a tooth extraction.
Part Two Psychotic Depression. Four cases entitled; 'Endogenous Depression', 'Involutional Melancholia', 'Senile Depression' and 'Post Partum Depression'. Detailed dosage instructions as before. A continuation of the recording from Part One which comprises of a briefing for staff.

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A Pfizer Medical Recording



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