Auditorium : an audio medical magazine for hospital doctors. Vol.3. no.1 Side 2.

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Auditorium : an audio medical magazine for hospital doctors. Vol.3. no.1 Side 2. In copyright. Source: Wellcome Collection.

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Four short interviews from clinicians discussing various medical subjects. Please note that timings are approximate. 1 segment.


Guildford : Winthrop Laboratories, 1976.

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1 encoded audio file (26:38 min.) : 44.1kHz.



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Winthrop Laboratories/Sanofi

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Auditorium was a series of audio cassettes (or 'medikassets', a trade-marked term) distributed for free by the pharmaceutical company Winthrop Laboratories (now owned by Sanofi). They produced a number of well-known medicines such as Fortral (an analgesic) and Benoral (a treatment for arthritis which can be dissolved in tea, coffee or hot chocolate). Promotion for these products appears on the cassette sleeves.


Side 2, Interview 1: Dr Cicely Williams 'Fifty Years of Paediatrics'. She talks about how she identified kwashiorkor while working in Ghana. She emphasises the importance of good primary care and the value of teaching people to take care of themselves and their children. Time start: 00:00:00 Time end: 00:06:00 Length: 00:06:00
Side 2, Interview 2: Professor Robert Priest 'Sleep - Some New Facts'. Time start: 00:06:00 Time end: 00:15:00 Length: 00:09:00
Side 2, Interview 3: Dr Roy Goulding (Guys Hospital) talks about the 'Poisons Information Service'. Time start: 00:11:00 Time end: 00:13:00 Length: 00:02:00
Side 2, Interview 4: Mr Kenneth Lloyd Williams (Consultant Surgeon at the Royal United Hospital in Bath) discusses his treatment of a case of anal warts; 'Cryosurgery - at Operation'. Time start: 00:13:00 Time end: 00:20:00 Length: 00:07:00


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