She-wolf : a cultural history of female werewolves / edited by Hannah Priest.

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She-wolf explores the cultural history of the female werewolf, from her first appearance in medieval literature to recent incarnations in film, television and popular literature. The book includes contributors from various disciplines, and offers a cross-period, interdisciplinary exploration of a perennially popular cultural production. The book covers material from the Middle Ages to the present day with chapters on folklore, history, witch trials, Victorian literature, young adult literature, film and gaming. Considering issues such as religious and social contexts, colonialism, constructions of racial and gendered identities, corporeality and subjectivity -- as well as female body hair, sexuality and violence -- She-wolf reveals the varied ways in which the female werewolf is a manifestation of complex cultural anxieties, as well as a site of continued fascination.--Provided by publisher


Manchester : Manchester University Press, [2015]

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ix, 226 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm


Introduction : a history of female werewolves / Hannah Priest -- Estonian werewolf legends collected from the island of Saaremaa / Merili Metsvahi ; translated by Ene-Reet Soovik -- "She transformed into a werewolf, devouring and killing two children" : trials of she-werewolves in early modern French Burgundy / Rolf Schulte ; translated by Linda Froome-Döring -- Participatory lycanthropy : female werewolves in Werewolf: the apocalypse / Jay Cate -- Fur girls and wolf women : fur, hair and subversive female lycanthropy / Jazmina Cininas -- Female werewolf as monstrous other in Honoré Beaugrand's "The werewolves" / Shannon Scott -- "The complex and antagonistic forces that constitute one soul" : conflict between societal expectations and individual desires in Clemence Housman's The werewolf and Rosamund Marriott Watson's "A ballad of the were-wolf" / Carys Crossen -- I was a teenage she-wolf : boobs, blood and sacrifice / Hannah Priest -- The case of the cut-off hand : Angela Carter's werewolves in historical perspective / Willem de Blécourt -- The she-wolves of horror cinema / Peter Hutchings -- Ginger snaps : the monstrous feminine as femme animale / Barbara Creed -- Dans ma peau : shape-shifting and subjectivity / Laura Wilson.

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Includes bibliographical references (pages 211-220), and index.


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