Rāma and Sītā being carried in the beak of Jatayu. Watercolour drawing, c. 1880.

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Jatayu was the king of vultures and a devotee of Rama. When Ravana abducted Sita and carried her off in his flying chariot, Jatayu engaged him in an aerial battle to rescue her. Unfortunately Jatayu was mortally wounded by Ravana and only survived long enough to tell Rama about Sita's fate

Physical description

1 drawing : pencil, with watercolour and silver


Lettering in indistinct pencil: "Kishem(?) & bird hunting(?)" and on the reverse: "God, Krishna"


Kalighat painting is a school of painting in Kalighat, a small district in Calcutta. It is named after the celebrated Hindu goddess Kali. Kalighat painting originated from the folkart tradition of rural Bengal. The Patuas or picture makers had migrated from Bengal in the early nineteenth century. There are a range of subjects from religious imagery of Hindu gods, goddesses and stories to natural history, social types and proverbs. The range of materials used in drawing are pencil, watercolour, indian ink and silver paint


Wellcome Collection 26735i


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