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The understanding, prevention and control of human cancer : the historic work and lives of Elizabeth Cavert Miller and James A. Miller / by Robert G. McKinnell.

McKinnell, Robert Gilmore

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"The Understanding, Prevention and Control of Human Cancer is an account of how a married couple opened understanding of environmental carcinogenesis. Elizabeth Cavert and James A. Miller showed that enzymes of the human body activate and enable otherwise benign organic chemicals to combine with DNA in such a manner that cancer results. Their work is of particular note because cancer causes more loss of life-years than the sum of all other causes of death--and, as the President's (USA) Cancer Panel warned, environmental carcinogenesis is a form of cancer that has been previously 'grossly underestimated.' The Millers' cancer research led to tests that identify dangerous chemicals which in turn permits prevention and thus the control of human cancer"--Provided by publisher.


Leiden : Brill, [2016]

Physical description

xiii, 196 pages : illustrations (some colour) ; 24 cm.


Cancer is the most important disease of the 21st century : a reality most fail to comprehend -- Cancer for novices : an introduction -- The Millers and chemical carcinogenesis -- Serendipity : how the Millers unintentionally revolutionized biology -- The family origins of Elizabeth Cavert Miller : New York, Ireland and Scotland -- More about Elizabeth -- James Alexander Miller : how he became the other strand of the Miller double helix -- Elizabeth and James, beyond the lab -- Appendices: 1. Awards, honors and professional activities : Elizabeth Cavert Miller (ECM) and James Alexander Miller (JAM), individually or jointly; 2. scientific publications of elizabeth cavert miller and james alexander miller; 3. a Gallery of cancer research covers; 4. Substances listed in the Thirteenth report on carcinogens.

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Includes bibliographical references and index.


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