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The Germ-plasm : a theory of heredity

Weismann, August, 1834-1914.

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London : Walter Scott, 1893.

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xxiii, 477 pages : illustrations ; 19 cm


Translation of: Das Keimplasma; eine Theorie der Vererbung


Introduction -- A. Historical part -- B. Descriptive part -- Part I. The material basis of heredity -- The germ-plasm -- Part II. Heredity in its relation to monogonic reproduction -- Regeneration -- Multiplication by fission -- Multiplication by gemmation -- Alternation of generations in its relation to the idioplasm -- The formation of germ-cells -- Summary of part II. -- Part III. The phenomena of heredity resulting from sexual reproduction -- Modifications of the germ-plasm caused by amphimixis -- Ontogeny resulting from the union of the germ-plasm of two parents -- The phenomena of reversion in their relation to amphimixis -- Dimorphism and polymorphism -- Doubtful phenomena of heredity -- Part IV. The transformation of species: its origin in the idioplasm -- The supposed transmission of acquired characters -- Variation -- Summary and conclusions.

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