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A key to physic, and the occult sciences. Opening to mental view, the system and order of the interior and exterior heavens; the analogy betwixt angels, and spirits of men; and the sympathy between celestial and terrestrial bodies. From whence is deduced, an obvious discrimination of future events, in the motions and positions of the luminaries, planets, and stars; the universal spirit and economy of nature, in the production of all things; the principles of etherial, and atmospherical influx, in constituting the proper recipient of life; the active and passive tinctures requisite in the generation of men and brutes; and the foundation and necessity of that invisible agitation of matter, which stimulates and impels every living creature to the act of begetting its like; the properties of vegetable, mineral, and animal magnetism: the fundamental causes and qualities, visible or occult, of all diseases, both of mind and body, and the simple modes prescribed by nature for their prevention and cure. To which are added, lunar tables, calculated from sidereal motion; exhibiting upon the most simple, yet unerring construction, the actual moment of the crisis of every disease, and the consequent termination thereof, whether for life or death. The whole forming an interesting supplement to culpeper's family physician, and display of the occult sciences; published for the good of all who search after truth and wisdom; to preserve to all the blessings of health and life; and to give to all the knowledge of primitive physic, and the art of healing. By E. Sibly, M.D. F.R.H.S. Illustrated with elegant copper plates.

Sibly, E. 1751-1800.

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London : Printed for the author, and sold by Champante and Whitrow, Jewry-Street, Aldgate; and at the British Directory-Office, Ave-Maria Lane, [1795?]

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[4],395,[1],76p.,plates ; 4⁰.

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ESTC T155164


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